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Careful! Connection Slide for the Kalibodri Kendal Bridge, 14 cm

Careful! Connection Slide for the Kalibodri Kendal Bridge, 14 cm

Since last Wednesday (3/5), the Kalibodri Bridge in Penanggulan Village, Pegandon sub-district, Kendal, has moved by roughly 14 millimeters. The bridge, constructed in 1987, provides a another way to get from Kendal to the Weleri sub-district.

According to Head of the Kendal PUPR Service Sudaryanto on Friday (05/05/2023), "It is true that the Kalibodri Bridge, which was built in 1987 and serves as an alternate route from Kendal to Weleri sub-district, has experienced a shift since last Wednesday."

Sudaryanto clarified that his team had examined the bridge's condition. thus the movement is rather large and outside of acceptable tolerances.

But as of right now, his side is unable to divulge any details surrounding what caused the bridge link to shift.

"We will analyze the results of these checks, study them, and consult with bridge construction experts so that the causes of the sliding bridge connections and their handling can be identified," he said.

His party is currently making temporary management efforts to ensure that the bridge may still be used in a secure manner. Installing plates to cover the displaced joints is how handling is done.

"If the bridge's condition still makes it safe for two and four-wheeled vehicles to travel through. Yes, we will first engage with bridge specialists, relevant agencies, and the community if the vehicle is hefty, he added.

Suwanto, a local who frequently uses the Kalibodri bridge, said because there has been a hole in the bridge connection, he gets terrified when he crosses it.

Added to the unsettling sound made when motorcycles and cars pass through the connection hole.

You feel fear if you pass through this area, especially if you pass through the connection hole and worry that the bridge will collapse. It's made further scarier by the deafening 'gledug' sound made when a motorcycle or car passes through the connection hole, according to Suwanto.

Suwanto thinks that passing by big vehicles should be restricted because he is concerned that the shift may lengthen as a result of the weight being too heavy.

"I sincerely hope that light cars will not cross the Kalibodri bridge before them, as do the locals. Even though the bridge has been mended, if large vehicles dare to cross it, I fear it will slide once again.


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