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Asphalt Removal for the Bogor Otista Bridge Reconstruction Has Started

Asphalt Removal for the Bogor Otista Bridge Reconstruction Has Started

The demolition phase of the Otto Iskandardinata (Otista) Bridge reconstruction in Baranangsiang Village, Central Bogor District, Bogor City, has begun. With the aid of large machinery, asphalt roadways have been destroyed.

We have been working on Otista preparations for the past two weeks, as well as the directors of the keet (workers' quarters) and the installation of the fence for the work area, both of which are now complete. The Head of the City Public Works and Spatial Planning (PUPR) Office in Bogor, Rena Da Frina, Saturday, June 5, 2023, stated that "today our goal is to start demolishing it."

The Otista Bridge will reportedly be destroyed in pieces, he said. The first phase of the project involves employing a breaker machine to disintegrate asphalt. The dismantling of the bridge floor will then be followed by bridge building.

"This demolition is being done in stages because we are unable to do so safely for the workers and to avoid the pieces from falling into the river. So first, the asphalt is gradually dredged. The structure is then removed after the plates, he said.

According to Rena, the contractor will begin assembling the bridge iron for installation the next week while the bridge construction is being dismantled. There are about 25 employees total, including workers, heavy equipment operators, and executors.

As a result of what was discussed before the bridge demolition process, the contractor may later use people from the neighborhood.

"We received a quota of 15 to 20 persons from the socializing. So, from the Babakan Pasar and Baranangsiang locations, it was split in half, he claimed.

According to Rena, the process is still moving forward and toward the intended goal. The Mayor of Bogor, Bima Arya, also keeps a close eye on the Otista development project, and locals can do the same by visiting the website



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