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The Pesbar Regency Awaits the Growth of the Haru Electricity Development


The Pesbar Regency Awaits the Growth of the Haru Electricity Development


Regarding the development of the power network to four villages in the Way Haru area of the Bangkunat District, the West Coast Regency (Pesbar) administration is still waiting for PT. PLN Main Distribution Unit (UID) Lampung.

Ariswandi, S.Sos, MP, the head of the Economic and Natural Resources Division of the Pesbar Regency Government Secretariat, said that his party supported the construction of energy networks by PT. PLN UID Lampung in four villages that have not yet been connected to the nation's electrical grid.

Only four village areas in the Way Haru area, including Way Haru Village, Siring Gading Village, Bandar Dalam Village, and Way Tias Village, have not been connected to the PLN's electricity, according to him, out of the 116 village villages and two sub-districts in Pesbar Regency.

He added that because efforts are presently being made to amend the cooperation agreement with the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park Center, his party is still waiting for more information from PLN UID Lampung about the installation of the energy network. (BB-TNBBS).

"They will coordinate with BB-TNBBS to improve the partnership agreement for the construction of the electrical network," he added. "In our most recent meeting with PLN UID Lampung.

In order to implement the electrical network's construction and provide thousands of residents in the four villages with energy this year, he claims that his party is waiting for the most recent advancements.

The power network is ready to be built, and PLN has even set up a considerable money. So, once the collaboration with BB-TNBBS is finished, all that remains is to reimplement it, he hoped.

He continued by saying that the Pesbar Regency Government is still fighting to equalize the four townships with the other townships in the region, including by supplying electricity to inhabitants' homes.

We are willing to assist PLN if necessary, and we have even provided all the necessary supporting data, he said in his conclusion. "Hopefully this year it can be implemented," he said.

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