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How is the Semarang-Kendal Natural Gas Distribution Pipeline Construction Going?


How is the Semarang-Kendal Natural Gas Distribution Pipeline Construction Going


PT PGN Tbk makes sure that work on the Kendal natural gas pipeline infrastructure is ongoing as Idul Fitri 1444 H draws near. PGN is committed to finishing the project by the target date, which is the third quarter of 2023, in order to optimize natural gas distribution as soon as possible in the Kendal region and its surrounds.

The Kendal distribution pipeline, whose construction started in early December 2023, has advanced thanks to pipe mobilization, stringing work, welding for the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) section at KP3+850, and the issuance of permits for toll road crossings.

"Even though the holy month of Ramadan is underway and Eid Al-Fitr 1444 H is approaching, work on the construction of the gas pipeline infrastructure for the Kendal region distribution is still ongoing.

During a Management Walk Through some time ago, PGN Director of Infrastructure and Technology Achmad Muchtasyar and PGN Sales and Operations Director Faris Aziz revealed that the pipeline procurement was finished and was gradually being transported to the stockyard.

PGN coordinates with toll road owner services concurrently with the permits for pipe installation on toll roads. After that, permits are also about to cross. PGN maintains the work in a safe and orderly manner in accordance with HSSE considerations for pipelines that cross public transportation routes.

On Wednesday (11/4/2023), Achmad stated, "We are committed to finishing the work in accordance with the target before the Semarang-Batang transmission pipeline is completed."

In the beginning, PGN will supply natural gas to the Kendal Industrial Area (KIK) and use the Cirebon Semarang Transmission network (Cisem) through the Semarang - Kendal distribution network. The gas source is PEPC Jambaran Tiung Biru and has a 13 MMSCFD gas transport capacity.

Achmad claims that PGN uses this distribution pipeline to finish the infrastructure at KI Kendal. It is envisaged that this natural gas infrastructure will draw more investors, along with other supporting infrastructure for IP, increasing regional investment income. Supporting the economic expansion of Central Java is another advantageous result.

A distribution pipeline that is integrated with KI Kendal will be created gradually so that it may service nearby commercial, transit, and residential regions in addition to other industrial areas.

"PGN has met Semarang's and the area's natural gas needs thus far. But most of them continue to use CNG. The Semarang - Kendal and Batang distribution pipelines will be used, which is anticipated to improve natural gas's energy security. The more evenly distributed and diverse the gas consuming sectors are, the more gas may be generated, said Achmad.

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